What Is A Good Relaxer For Fine Hair?


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There are several brands that you could use for relaxing fine hair. The most popular and effective are Mizani (Mild), Phyto II and Dr. Miracle.
However, I personally would not recommend it at all. Hair relaxers are made for hair that is coarse in texture with a highly compact cuticle. It is possible that you would end up with less hair, or even without it, due to the nature of these products.
Hair relaxers contain strong alkalines. These give the impression of healthy hair, but in fact the strong chemical usually changes the basic structure of the hair. They can be extremely damaging, especially fine hair like yours. Even professional hairstylists use the term 'cooking' when referring to the period of time you leave the mixture in for. They disparagingly refer to it as a 'chemical cut'. It is during this time that the damage is really done. The formula alters the hair's texture by a process of controlled damage to the protein structure. This can result in your hair being weakened quite dramatically by the overlapping use of excessive applications or even by one single excessive coating. Some users have said the process can lead to brittleness, breakage, or even alopecia in severe cases.
If your hair is fine, just blow dry it every day. It may take up a little time, but at least it will preserve its strength. If you want volume and bounce, the best results are achieved by using a boar bristle brush. This way you get volume at the roots. It doesn't even take that long. First power dry your hair upside down, then smooth it out for a minute or so with the round brush. Then run a flat iron over the ends, but not the roots, to preserve the volume.
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Relaxors usually contain strong alkalines. They make you feel good but the strong chemical usually changes the basic structure of the hair shaft. There are various brands available in the market which you can use at home such as Bone Strait No-Lye Relaxor and Revlopn realistic extra conditioning creme relaxor system.
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There is a product out of metro Atlanta that I have used for my fine hair for over 8 years now. Check out this website for more information
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Theres a brand called dark and lovely they do a whole range of hair products mainly for black people (because most black people use hair relaxer) and they have a load of  hair relaxers and theres one just for fine hair hope that helps!
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I would try a no-lye relaxer! And if it seems a little dry I would do a deep conditioner at least once a week to get your hair to be healthier!
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I have fine curly hair, and I'm a black female I'm going to try the new optimum care bodifying relaxer for fine hair tomorrow.

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