How Do You Get Rid Of Tangled Hair?


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My friends hair is really thick and long andI spend hours brushing it, I told her to wash her hair one day as normal but do not rinse the conditioner out and leave it all day or night until it dries, rinse whilst combing (brushes will break and damage the hair) and always wear it in a plete (plat you know) as it will prevent it knotting, do this once a week or every two weeks and it should help.
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  Long hair can look beautiful and healthy, but not when it's full of tangles. However, there are solutions that don't involve cutting all your child's hair off to remove those unsightly knots. With a little effort and a lot of conditioner, you can get rid of tangles in your child's long hair.Step11
  Try to prevent tangles from forming as much as possible, so that you don't have to work as hard to get rid of new ones. Whenever your child is active, pull her long hair back into a braid so that her hair doesn't swing around and get knotted up. If your child is a rough sleeper, braiding her long hair at night can make your morning routine much simpler, too. 
Use a wide-toothed comb or a pick to remove tangles in the morning, at bedtime and before bathing. Start from the ends of the hair to avoid piling knots on top of each other, and gently comb out the tangles.
Avoid piling hair on top of your child's head while washing. Instead, work up a lather in your hands and comb the shampoo through the hair with your fingers, following the natural direction of hair growth. Consider using shampoo only every other day, as it dries out the hair and makes it more prone to tangles.
Condition your child's hair every day. Again, use your fingers to comb through the hair, focusing on the ends, and carefully remove any knots or tangles. Apply the conditioner early in the bathing process, and let it sit on your child's hair for the duration of the bath so that the hair can soak up the extra moisture.
Apply a detangling spray, if necessary, before drying or styling your child's long hair. The spray can help to remove tangles and keep hair tangle-free when your child wears it loose.  Hope that's any help...lizziex
     You can also use Tangle Teezer
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Matted/ Tangled hair is such a big headache.

Since her hair seems like such an extreme case of severely tangled/matted hair, you might want to try this product called the Take Down Remover Cream. It removes dreadlocks,but it works well with very matted/tangled hair. Dreadlocks are just long strands of uncombed matted hair. Most hairdressers just want to cut the hair when it is severely matted or tangled.
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Try to put oil or water in her hair then try to comb or brush it.!!
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I used to have the same problem what I did was:

A.) Condition my hair in the morning - so wash it

b.) brush with a wide toothed come ( not normal brush because your hair stretches when wet, and It will cause breakage)

c.) when you have it all pretty and nice apply some productions such as a leave in conditioner I recommend that! (Redken products for sure), a de-frizz serum not sprays - most make your hair dry, etc.
I like Redken products they work with any look you need and they help with such problems.

D.) Blow dry your hair with brushes such as Thermal Round Brush OR Thermal Flat Brush (use thermal ones, others will not work because those are used with and for heat) depending on the look you want. Also when you Blow dry your hair  flip your head over and start from the back where the tangles start.

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When your in the shower and you have the conditioner in, brush it in the shower then when you get out try not to put the towel wrapped around you hair that just mashes it together. ANd brush it everyday!!!
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I have a very thick, super curly afro.  I where my hair natural and it get tangled EVERY day.  I use a really good conditioner with moisturizing formula for curls to allow me to comb through it easily with a wide-tooth comb.  If she's not too young, you may want to have her comb her own hair.  Another tip is to comb from the ends to the root and hold the hair in your hands so as not to tug at the scalp.
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