Does Straightening Your Hair Get Rid Of Lice?


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It doesn't get rid of the actual lice, but does kill the eggs that they've laid. (which is really good, because you don't want them to hatch)
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It actually does...I kno of at least a handful of ppl that have gotten rid of lice after straightening hair.
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well. Ima go with no, because the part that the lice are actually on is close to your scalp. The reason they stay close to the scalp is because they drink blood. So unless you have a straightener that straitens so close to your scalp it's unbelieveable, then my answer is no. Love you through God! -May'c
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I am afraid NOT, the only way you can get rid of lice, is by going to the pharmacy buying some kind of a shampoo and treating your hair every 10 days. It is not that easy getting rid of lice, as you catch it from others.
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Nice answer, Mel. Hopefully they will only have to repeat the process once if they get all the nits killed.

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