Can You Permanently Straighten Your Hair?


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The answer is yes! My mom is a hair stylist and has been for the past 35 years. There are several products out there but it all depends on how much money you're willing to spend, the thought of damaging your hair, and its results.
I've *permanently* straightened my hair. By that I mean, you have to do it again after a year or so for it to remain straight.
Definitely wouldn't recommend the Chinese one since it does ruin your hair. It dries it out and will later on fall out. But this one DOES leave it slick straight.
The one I have in my hair now is called keratin, but it is a bit pricey. The best part about it, it even puts minerals in your hair. Therefore, its healthy for it.
You should definitely try it!
I hope that helped.

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this very good advise and you are so lucky you have a hairdresser as a mum!!
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My sister also just had it (Keratin) . She claims it cost her $400 but she does love the result! Best thing: her hair looks healthy, shiny and silky even though it has been a few weeks already. :)
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You could only straighten it for a limited amount of time and it really damages your hair. Of course it would never be "permanent" as in forever cause your natural hair is always growing out. Why does girls with curly hair want it straight and girls with straight hair get perms???? LOL
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You can permanently straighten your hair whether its rough, smmoth, dry or soft. If your hair is rough and you straighten it;it will become soft straight. You just need to visit the parlour and need at least a days time.
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If you have very coarse hair you can not use perm solution to straighten your hair. You can go to a professional and have it done but Do NOT try this at home. You would need to have the new growth retouched every few months according to how fast your hair grows. Make sure you go to a stylist who has lots of experience in this field or you could end up with very damaged hair. When you are out and about and see someone with your hair type that has been straightened, walk right up and ask them; "who does your hair".
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If I were you I would not go to a salon to get your hair permanently straightened. Don't get it done at all. I have had friends in the past who have done it themselves and also went to a salon to have it professionally done. Neither lasted long and their hair was ruined from doing it! It's also rather expensive!!
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oh really. is that what happened i will think about it! i mite change my mind.
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I, too, have naturally curly hair, and it is extremely THICK! I use a flat-iron occasionally, and my hair is straight for about two weeks if I don't get wet. You CAN go to a salon to get it permanently straight, but I wouldn't suggest it: You may never have beautiful curls again and it is very pricey.
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You need to make sure you do a lot of research on your stylist before you choose one. I had it done and it ruined my hair. It was down to my butt and when it was all said and done I had to have it all cut off. It was so short that it was spiked out in the back. The stylist fried my hair and it would snap off if I tried to brush it when it was dry and if I wet it, it turned to rubber and would stretch like a rubber band. It is very thin now and I regret the whole experience so just be careful. Good Luck!!
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If you want to permanently straighten your hair, you can use a product called Dr. Miracles , you can find it in beauty supplies that sell black hair care products. If you are not black but your hair is coarse like black women, you can use this product also. Also when your hair grows and your roots are wavy, just apply the relaxer to the wavy part of your hair, this is called a retouch. It would probably be best to call around to a salon that specializes in black hair care and ask them do they use the Dr. Miracle relaxer line. If not, I'm sure a black beauty salon could get you the results you desire, it's what they specialize in. Good Luck!
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You can use home perming solution, and comb it through your hair to get it straight. I've seen various results from this, and wouldn't. recommend it if your hair is thick.
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You need to go to a hair salon and ask about hair straightening products they use they usually last for about six months and is much better than using perm solution at home as it damages your hair and you never get an even end product take my advice
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Well I got my hair permed. And I don't really like it. So I straightned it. Laura(my salon person) said the strightner would not ruin my perm nor would it ruin my hair itself. But now seince I strightned it.....I love my hair! Because it shows my true hair colors and I doidnt get it colored or highlighted and every askes me if I got my hair highlighted itt. And I said no one and they were shocked. And so am I. I would very much agree with 'Bethharris and Nadene' so yepers.
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Just perm it if you hair then it will definitely work but if you do not blow dry your hair once you perm it and if you do not blow it dry then your hair will curl it a little bit but it will not curl up that much just a little bit!!!!!!
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I have naturally curly hair. I flat iron it almost daily. It may get boring doing that every day but it works a heck of a lot better than a home perming solution to get it straight. And when your roots grow in they're curly and the rest is straight and stringy.
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I don't think you can permanently straighten your hair because your hair is growing. But you can keep your hair straightened for a long time, maybe around one year depends on how fast your hair grows.

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Maybe, I would not try to got it permanently straightened I would get it done every couple of weeks, I have relly,relly curly hair and if I tried to do that it would mess up my hair, and it wold be to expensive...

                                  Good luck !
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Hell no, if you wasn't born with it you can't have it also why would you want straight hair anyway

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