What Types Of Bugs Can Be Found In Hair?


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There are many types of bugs that can be found in your hair, depending on a number of factors. Bugs and insects can come from absolutely anywhere and end up in your hair and can be quite the annoyance when you notice them there or when they fly into your face. Here are some reasons why bugs may be in your hair and what type of bug it could be:

  • Lice

If you find a number of insects in your hair and your head is also itchy, there is a chance that you may have lice. If you find a picture of a louse on Google Images, you will be able to determine whether or not you have head lice. If you want to check for yourself, you could run a fine tooth nit comb through your hair over a sink and see if any lice come out from your roots. Remember that head lice can live in any part of the head, but they favor living behind the ears and at the nape of the neck.

If you do find that you have head lice, do not panic. You can pop down to your local chemist or supermarket and purchase a treatment in no time. Companies today are making better lotions that have no odor, meaning that you don't have that queer smell of tea tree informing anyone within a short distance of you that you have the critters. Lots of people get head lice, even adults. This usually happens because children have caught them and passed them on.

  • Normal bugs

There is a chance that just a normal bug may have flown into your hair and got stuck. If you have been lying in grass recently, then an ant or a small spider may have got tangled in your hair, so be sure to check that it isn't one of those before you assume that you have head lice.
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I reckon headlice:). Just go to boots and buy the stuff for it:)
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The black bugs in your doughters hair are the parents of need to wash her hair then use a medication called nix you can by it over the counter an you need to wash all her sloths an all her blankets, pillows ,ect. An also thetres a spray you can find to spray in a room an any affected area.

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