I want to look cute in front of a boy that I like, but I do not know what to do with my hair. Should I curl my hair or straighten my hair? What do you think?


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Rae Punzel answered

I am of the opinion that curly hair is more romantic, but straight hair with a cute headband would be adorable.

So....Whatever is easier for you.

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Rachel Green , F.R.I.E.N.D.S is what I represent...Jennifer Aniston, answered

You can curl your hair and clip the opposite side of your bangs with a clip or bobby pin or you can straighten your hair and curl your bangs to the side or upwards and braid a small piece of hair from each side (not the bangs) and connect them from the back...

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Kelvin Yong answered

Hey, my advice is try both hairstyles in front of that guy and see his reactions. That would be the best way to make a judgement IMO like what I always tell my female friends who have the same situation as you.

By the way, what i can recommend is that during your school holidays, you can spare some time on learning how to cut your hairstyle to the boy's liking or to your liking so that you wouldn't have to go to hair salons and waste hundreds of dollars. For that, you would need some kind of a hair course like this one: Toni Hairdressing Course

Best of luck!

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