What Clothes Make A Man Look Good?


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jacques slabouz answered
Dress slacks and nice dress shirt...and got to smell good too!...lol.
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yarnlady answered
It depends on where and when. I like the casual look, with slacks and a polo shirt, as long as they fit correctly. This business of sloppy pants and oversize shirts does not look good.
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Joan answered
My first inclination is to answer a question you did not ask - What looks bad on a man (or woman)?  That would have to be pants that hang low with the underwear showing.  Awful is a polite way to describe it!!  

What looks nice?  Casual wear consists of nice jeans (no holes or frayed hems) and a nice shirt with a collar.  If sneakers (tennis shoes) are worn, they should be white and not scuffed.  Another casual look that goes over well here in my area is jeans and a long sleeved cotton western shirt that has been starched, ironed,  and a nice pair of boots.  A cowboy hat is very optional, depending on the occasion, but can help to make a man more distinctive and a cut above the rest of the dime store cowboys.   For dress wear,  you just can't find fault with a many who wears a suit, freshly polished shoes, a starched and ironed dress shirt and a tie.  I am admittedly a old lady,  but I do not care for the style of dressing where the man wears a polo shirt with a suit.  Go one way or the other.  If the occasion calls for a suit, do it properly.  It does not take a lot of money to be neat and clean and well pressed.  That trumps a new suit  with a wrinkled shirt  and scuffed shoes any day of the week.
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Michelle Phy answered
I think a man can pull off almost any look as long as its thought out, put together to suit his style & not sloppy. An air of confidence does a lot when the man dresses & feels good about himself. Something as simple as nice jeans, a shirt with nice belt & well groomed can work just as well on occasion as a double breasted Armani jacket & slacks.
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Tommy Bai answered
A suit or something will look good.
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Merlin Paine answered
You know at 47 I am fighting of the tendency to lock in on one style and wear it the rest of my life. Right now I would be willing to wear anything that would entice the ladies.
Cheryl Regina Villanueva Profile
Anything that makes you feel comfortable as long as it is clean, neat and decent. You have to coordinate with the occasions too to avoid overdressing or under-dressing.
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Mandy Mo answered

Clean shirt, ftted pants and comfortable shoes. Shoes are the top 1 element for me. Sneakers and dress shoes are just fine. Socks to match shoes are also important. Black socks with dress shoes and white with sneakers. Good-quality colored socks make you different from simple looking. If you've never get involved with colored socks, funny socks retailers, such as Happy Socks, Fool's Day Funny Socks are good choices.

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Ryanna Brown answered
Well for the guys my age preferably ones that fit and pants that are at the waist and not the knee lol... Im a jeans and t-shirt gal throw a nice button up over it and call it a night out easy really no need for flare...
Zaphod  Beeblebrox Profile
I used to be all about metro-sexual fashion, until I realized how much money I was wasting. These days I usually stick to t-shirts and jeans, which I'll admit isn't terribly impressive, but I will say I look darn good in a pin stripe suit.

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