Is Alcohol Good For Your Hair?


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I wouldn't use regular rubbing alcohol on my hair if I were you. It is VERY drying to the hair and scalp.
If you strip all the oil from your scalp, then your body will start producing more oil to replace it and since the body doesn't have a shut off mechanism to stop oil production, you will end up with oilier hair than what you started out with.
 Use a good shampoo for Normal hair. You can skimp on the conditioner, but Not on the shampoo.
  Do not use baby shampoo, it is PH'd to the level of  your eyes, so that it neutralizes if you get it in the eye and doesn't cause a burning sensation, but it is much higher than skin and hair, which is 4.5 to 5.5 on the acid scale. You only need around a 6.5 to 7 acid balanced shampoo to clense your hair. Anything above that is just going to dry the hair out. If you are in doubt on any certain shampoo, you can purchase litmus papers at your local pharmacy and test the acid level of the shampoo. They are relatively cheap.
There are different types of alcohol though. So if you see a product that has acetyle alcohol in it, that is not the same thing as rubbing alcohol and isn't drying to the hair.
 Extra body shampoos are also very strong and will cause excess oil production on the scalp as well.
 Conditioners actually penetrate the hair very little and most just coat the hair and smooth it down. Your best bet is to use a good acid level shampoo to prevent the dryness from occurring in the first place.
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I use to use stale beer, and warmed it, just rinsed my hair with it, and then would shampoo, I had very shiny hair, and it was sleek and manageable. It was budweiser.
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AHAhahahahhahahaa. Did your hair get drunk? Just kidding Tig. I have heard that beer is good to use on the hair. Never tried it though.
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It did great for my hair, and I used a can a day.
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Beer is actually really good for your hair.. Just pore it over your head and let it sit for a while then wash it and let the conditioner sit for a few minutes it really makes dry hair feel better.
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Ok. What kind of alcohol are we talking about here? If you have oily hair use a clarifying shampoo. You can also try using SEA BREEZE on it once a week or so. It will not damage or dry you out as long as you don't use it too much. As for the beer.... Don't waist perfectly good alcohol on your hair.
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Well lets see, in microbiology lab we use alcohol to fix or kill bacteria so we can view it on a slide. So what should that tell you it does to your keritanized hair cells?? Mmmm I would try a condition wash I use conditioner on my hair all the time instead of stripping all the way with straight clarifying shampoo! Good luck sweets
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I'm confused is beer good or bad for hair because when I waz 6yrs old my cousin's big brother spilled beer in my hair and my hair grew but sum articles say beer iz bad for your hair

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