Is It Safe To Soak Your Hair In Rubbing Alcohol Covered In A Plastic Shower Cap Over Night?


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No, of course rubbing alcohol will dry your scalp and your skin, and I cannot imagine that this prolonged exposure to the strength of alcohol in retail solutions could be helpful to a health condition, unless your physician has expressly advised it otherwise... For what condition are you considering this?
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Check with your doc if you have a condition (hair or scalp) that needs treatment. If you don't have a doc or cannot afford one, call your local pharmacy, and talk with a pharmacist to determine if there might be an over-the-counter alternative for whatever condition. Best of luck to you.
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No! It will dry out your hair and cause it to become brittle and then you'll have lots of breakage. You need to use hot oil treatments, etc. They are good for hair and scalp.

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