What is a good easy treatment for mildly dry hair?


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Virginia Lou answered

Dear Macauluy Culkin,

I was accidentally given a bottle of baby shampoo once, and have been using it ever since...from the Dollar Store, and I just went to look at the brand it is ANGEL OF MINE.

I may also buy the combination shampoo/conditioners, as I do not like to take any extra time now whatsoever on my body beyond clean and healthy.

Then while my hair is wet, I apply a few drops of a product called Silk Therapy made by Biosilk. That costs $14 for just a few ounces, but you use so little one bottle lasts a couple of years. You can get it at some beauty shops, I went to J.C. Penney for it.

* * *

That is the most workable combination I have found at least for managing the mildly dry hair that comes with old age.

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Susan Poche , Health adviser, answered

You can try home remedies which derive from natural ingredients. My mother shared that these are effective. Top ingredients you can apply include olive oil, egg, mayonnaise, avocado, bananas.

To know how to use these ingredients, you can consult at: authorityremedies.com - Home remedies for dry hair.

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Maheen Sehar answered

Mayonnaise put some in your hair when you go to bed then wah it out in the morning with a good shampoo, and start taking fish oil vitamins

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Lin Simone answered

As we all know, curly hair is more
susceptible to cause dryness, and once curly hair become dry, then leading to
frizz and overall dullness. Could't we change this problem? Of couse! You don't
have to forfeit your right to healthy-looking hair -- a few changes in your
routine and styling can help rejuvenate your brazilian curly hair while treating excess dryness.

Step 1:
Shampoo less frequently

Curly hair doesn’t require cleansing every
day. Wash your brazilian curly remy hair extensions every other day or a few times a week. A conditioning shampoo is
a must for extremely dry tresses.

Step 2: Sulfate-free

If you notice that your shampoo always makes cheap brazilian hair extensions extra
dry, you can switch to a shampoo that doesn’t have sulphate as an ingredient,
which will keep your curls hydrated.

Step 3:
Treat with a mask

Mask for curly hair is one of most effictive
products. Mask should be left in for at least 15 minutes after shampooing.
Accentuate the deep-moisture effects by leaving the product in your locks for
an hour in a shower cap. Use up to two times per week.

Step 4:
Change your styling habits

It's best that trimming your hair every six
to eight weeks. If your good quality virgin human hair bundles ends are frayed
and dry, let's your stylist trim a few inches for ultimate hair health. Also,
do not use heated styling tools until your hair is restored back to normal.

Step 5: Use
cold water to rinse off one last time in the shower

This seals the hair cuticles & decreases

Step 6. Trim
your ends every couple of months

I usually do this to retain its length.
Remember to use a special scissor for hair, which will reduce split ends &
increase healthy hair growth.


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