Which Is A Good Gel That Spikes Your Hair?


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You best bet is to go to your local supermarket and have a look. Most cheap "brands" will not be online and the ones that are, will most likely be more expensive. The good thing is, when you are at the supermarket, you can take the lid off the pot and have a look at the consistency of th gel. If it looks thick, and doesn't move when you move the pot about, then it generally means that it will have a firmer hold. If the consistency is more "watery", then it will have less hold and make the hair look more natural (so, not good for spiking your hair up).

Good luck!
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Joico which is a professional line of haircare, has a gel called "SPIKER"
This gel is made specially for spiking hair. It is a Hair Glue, is waterproof and has to have shampoo to remove it from the hair.

You can style your hair in the morning and even the next day after sleeping on it will look the same.

You can go in a swimming pool with it and when you get out, just re finger style your hair into place and let it dry. No need for applying more hair gel!
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The best Gel which I Use for spiking my Hair is Keune Power paste its, quiet thick and good for spiking you don't need to wet hairs you just take a small amount and spike it.Believe me its like glue!!.Keune is a multi international company founded by Jan keune in Netherlands in 1921
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Got 2 Be and AXE Charged Spiked-Up Look Gel
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Try any kind of waxes &/or pomades {[And If your up to it, lots&lots of hairspray AND a blow dryer on warm.]}    Your best bet is something my brother tried when he wanted his hair to be super hard & exactly in place where he wanted is something I used for the "scrunchy" look in MY hair. :]    Its from the famous, Got2Be brands.    ITS blue gel {[but you can get the yellow one, too. My brother said the yellow bottle actually works better.]}    The pictures, JUST IN CASE YOU NEED IT:    [[EXT LINK:www.cosmeticmall.com PICTURE OF THE BLUE ONE!

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