Does Anyone Know What Are The Best Heated Rollers For Short Hair?


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The biggest problem with curling short hair is that often, standard sixed curling irons have a barrel too large to wrap the hair around. Probably the easiest way to curl short hair would be to use a curling iron with a smaller than standard barrel. You will need to be able to wrap the hair around the barrel a number of times to achieve a bouncy curl. If the barrel is too large the curl won’t form properly and will either fall out or just form a kink or wave.

Wrap sections of the hair around the heated barrel, hold for 30-60 seconds (depending on the heat level of the tong used) and then release. Move on to the next section, and repeat until the whole head has been curled. Depending on the type of curls you want, you can use a large toothed comb to spread the curls and to give a looser curl style. Once you have achieved the type of curl required, use hair spray to hold them in place. If your curls don’t seem to hold with hairspray alone, you can use hair gel or mousse in the hair before you curl and then also use hair spray after you have curled the hair.

To achieve a tighter curl, or if you can’t find a curling iron with a small enough barrel, you can use strips of cotton (e.g. Cut up old t-shirt). Wrap the hair around a short strip of cotton and tie the two ends when you reach the scalp. As with the previous technique, use hair spray to hold in place (or mousse before curling). The longer the hair is tied up, the tighter the curls will be, it is advisable to leave them in for at least three hours to ensure the curls wont just drop out. Longer lasting, tighter curls can be achieved by wearing the hair tied in these overnight.
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Hello, I'm having the same problem! My Remington Tight Curls heated rollers have conked out after I dropped them!  They are amazing just throw them in and within approx 5 mins I have a style!  Anyway as luck would have it they are discontinued and nowhere has any like them.  I got Nicky Clarke Flexi rods for my birthday in August but my hair is too short, they just fall out - if you can get them in in the first place! And also the Nicky Clarke travel ones but these are just medium so again they fall out. I am putting them on ebay probably but don't think of bidding if you have short hair!  I am hanging on to my broken curlers until I meet an electrician who will look at them!!
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I don't know, but go into a barber and they'll help you. A good place to go would be Babyliss, or go online to, or

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