What Colour Makes You Look Thin?


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Black is universally recognised as being the one colour which can help you look a few pounds lighter, although even the largest of people will never look thin in black: it can only help a little. Any dark colour such as navy or dark brown will also help a little.

Black generally makes things look smaller, so if you have large hips, then black will help make them look slimmer. White and yellow can often accentuate size and make someone look a few pounds heavier than they are.

Horizontal stripes make you look wider and draw people's attention to the width of your body, so they should be avoided by anyone who is overweight.

Vertical stripes can help you look slimmer, since they draw the eye to a person's height and the length of the body, so they can also help make you look slimmer, particularly if the stripes are black or navy.
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I think black looks a woman look thin...
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Black  dark green       dark red   dark blue   light blue       light green   light red
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I think pink makes a girl look thin because it is suddle and normally longer shirts makes you look thinner and pink is normally a longer shirt.I think blue for boys or green because like I said up above longer shirts make you look thinner for boys bagger shirts make you look thinner because then you can't see there real weight.
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A dark color like black will make you look thinner

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