How Do I Get The Relaxer Out Of My Hair ?


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There are only 2 ways to get rid of the relaxer and there is a quick way and a long way.The quick way for you to get the relaxer out of your hair is to cut your hair off and start over. Thats what I did and it was the best decision I ever made. It only took 9 months to grow back because I kept it in braided extensions. But a lot of people out there don't feel comfortable with cutting there hair off so the long way is to stop the relaxers, continue growing your hair out and keep getting it trimmed til all the relaxer have been cut off.
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It must grow out or be cut off!
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If you no longer what to relax your hair, just stop using it and it will grow out of you hair in about three months. But if you are asking how to wash the relaxer out of your hair, use the neutralizer shampoo, most shampoo has a color changer when you use it, mines is pink and you keep washing with the neutralizer shampoo until the color changes to white, this will let you know that the relaxer is washed out and then you can put in the conditioner, read the box, it will give you the instructions on what to do.

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