What Do You Wear To Work?


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I wear shorts and T-shirts almost every day no matter what. And flip flops. It was 100 degrees the last couple of days here. And I am a student (albeit, a returning student and considerably older than the rest of people at my college) so I don't have to worry about a dress code. I wear long pants maybe twice a year. Maybe.
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Casual dressy.  no jeans, but occasionally I'll wear sneakers.  today I'm wearing navy leggings with a cotton tunic that falls midthigh.  gold flats.
the tunic is basically a cotton, sleeveless dress, but it's too sheer and short for me to wear as a dress (to work anyway), so i wear it w/ leggings. mine has a blue background with suns, stars and planets on it.
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I usually wear my pajamas lol.
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Since I am retired and no longer have to work for a living, I just sit around in my shorts, drink beer, and watch the boob tube all day.

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