Homemade Remedies To Grow Long Hair?


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That is so true, if you brush your hair plenty of times before you go to sleep it will give you results. Also it might sound crazy but pull your hair before going asleep as well.....gently ofcourse, this will stimulate hair growth ;)
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Olive oil and yogurt... Mayonnaise and Beer... Raw Eggs... Etc...
All these things have been claimed to 'feed' your hair and make it stronger. In reality they are only coating your hair and making it look a little better for a while. No different than using a professional hair oil, or gel.

I agree with a most of the things in the previous answer, except for the "Shampoo your hair frequently". Shampooing too often is not good for your hair or scalp. Shampooing three days a week is sufficient, unless you are outside and sweating a lot.

And I do not agree with applying lemon juice to your hair. It can dry your hair out very badly.

The old wives tale of brushing your hair 80 strokes every night actually does help. It helps by stimulating the blood circulation in your scalp, which helps the hair to grow.

Also, use professional hair products. There IS a difference. Over the counter hair products contain a lot of wax, mostly as a preservative in order to give the products a long shelf life. This wax builds up on your hair and scalp, in your hair follicles, causing clogging and retards hair growth. This is what makes your hair look really shiny at first, but after a while your hair will become dull and limp and heavy from the wax.

My favorite professional line of products is Llanza. If you Google Lanza haircare you can go to their site and find a salon near you that carries it.

And last, if you swim a lot, you need to wet your hair completely with a water hose before you get in the pool water. Hair is like a sponge, it absorbs only so much water. Wetting it with clean water first will help keep it from absorbing so much of the chemicals in the pool water.

Good Luck!

(I am stylist, 21 years)

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You can use a variety of essential oils like...

Olive oil
coconut oil
castor oil
hemp seed oil
carrot oil
macadamia oil

and ect....
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There are a number of tips that you can try for growing long beautiful hair. Some of them are as follows:
- Shampoo your hair frequently. At least 3 times a day
- Minimize use of blowers and straighteners
- Do not comb them while they are wet, it would cause breakage of hair. Always comb before you wash them.
- Use a conditioner after shampoo
- Drink at least 10 glasses of water per day.
- Eat a high protein diet and also include lots of green veggies.
- You have not mentioned your hair type. However, if they are oily apply lemon juice and leave for 10-15 minutes. It keeps hair healthy
- If your hair are dry you can massage your hair with olive oil. You can also apply mixture of oil and honey.
- Avoid bleaching your hair
- trim your hair regularly
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Mix the same amount of the following together. Make sure it coats all of your hair.
It works in one month.    1/2 cup of each.    1 cup for thick hair.

leave-in conditioner (any kind)
raw eggs
1 table spoon of lemonjuice
olive oil
strawberry yuogurt.
  WIERD but it really works I sware it...... Put this in your hair for 30 minutes every week. Then clean it out with Shampoo. COMB your hair after you wash it.
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To grow long hair, you need to
1) Keep scalp clean with a herbal shampoo and conditioner.
2) Take biotin supplements
3) Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily, and
4) The magic part, is to use a good herbal oil massaged into your scalp, there is one that I used that works very well to grow long hair.  It detoxifes the blood and exfoliates the scalp, therefore allowing super fast growth.  It contains all the natural ingredients that has been tested and proven to grow long hair.
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Ive heard of many different methods of trying to make your hair grow.

Personally I have very dry hair so I'm trying to grow it out as well as make it stronger.
So I have been leaving mayo in my hair once a week, which provides moisture to my dry hair.

Msm mineral pills apparently make your hair grow faster as well as your nails.
I havent tried it but I shall let you know.

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I have heard rumors that brushihng it really well and keeping it pinned up helps, and also getting the very ends of your hair (a half inch or so) trimmed could make it grow more, but these don't make any sense to me, so ill stick around =)

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You can try the following points, it will help you to grow your hair faster.

1. Trim Your Hair Every 6-8 Weeks

2. Get Hot Oil Scalp Massages

3. Apply Egg Whites to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

4. Drink Water for Healthy Hair

5. Brush Your Hair with Care

6. Do Not Blow Dry When Possible

7. Don't Skip on Protein-Filled Foods If You Want Longer Tresses

8. Use That Potato Water for Your Hair

9. Conditioner Treatment

10. Essential Oils

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If you put your hair in braids overnight it is supposed to secure your hair, and make it stronger. Strong hair grows faster (:

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Two teaspoons of olive oil, one teaspoon of honey, coconut oil, and half an avacado. Crush the avacado till it is pretty much squished

Mix all the other ingrediants.  Put avacado in the others and apply fron roots to end wait an hour. Wash in sink or shower wherever you wash your hair. It really works

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What do you mean about olive oil and yogurt to the hair? Do you mix it and leave it for how long?
Thank you.
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Ive been searching the internet all night to make my hair longer. In all honesty I don't care about getting it healthier....CURRENTLY. But I'm trying massaging the scalp with olive oil, leaving it in over night, and washing it out with damage repair shampoo and conditioner (dove damage therapy). Ill let you know how it works. Good luck!!
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cool I like the tips but I think daily washing the hairs with  dove soap irrespective of whether you sweat or you have dry hairs I think one should wash daily. Also if you have bold patches in your head then massage a layer of garlicon your head unit it starts to burn.
Allah Hafiz
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Apply heena once in a week within 1 month you can see the result  that the hair is growing
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Will smashed birth control pills inside your shampoo really work for growing hair faster???
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I'm going to try some of this cause my hair is short and I'm trying to make it grow
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I have heard arbonne shampoo and conditioner will do wonders for your hair check out

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