Does Putting Olive Oil In Your Hair Make It Greasy?


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Yes it does, because it is oil. But if you wash it several times, then it won't be oily any more! :) I've tried this before, because my friend suggested it. She puts olive oil in her hair, and leaves it in for about half an hour, or 1-2 hours. The less time you leave it in for, the more damaged your hair is.. I had to leave it in for only half an hour, because I have really damaged hair, because I straighten it a lot. But if your hair is good, then just leave it in for 1-2 hours as afore mentioned. :)

Just something to let you know: It is kind of hard to wash out, I have to shampoo 3-4 times before all of it is gone! As well, the olive oil can make your hair smell a little funny, so I put rose water in mine to make it smell better, and voila! I have rose-scented hair :) Very nice :)
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Wow you are so wrong  ^^^^^
you don't leave it in for less time if your hair is more damaged!! Lmao think about it, if your hair is more damaged you want to leave it in for longer cause it needs to soak in more and get all the nutrients it can from it.
When I put oliver oil in my hair I leave it in over night.. It is hard to get out though and does make your hair greasy just shampoo about 3 times and it should be fine.

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