Where Can You Buy Permanent Orange Hair Dye? I Want To Dye My Hair Orange. PLEASE HELP ME!


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I dyed my hair with permanent bright ginger hair dye for Anne of green gables last year. I got it at H.E.B. And had to do it twice to get the right effect. It faded pretty good afterwards and I tried to dye it blonde and now it's strawberry blonde. Oh well. I'll try again some other time.

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There are several "natural" colors of hair dye that look orange, try those. Or you could buy a bleaching kit, bleach your hair blonde, let it rest for a few days, then try the orange colored regular hair dye. Also, there is a brand called Manic Panic that sells all those funky colors.
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Yes but its not permadent, and My hair is already blonde........
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All hair color will grow out and fade, so nothing is truly permanent. Like I said, there are some 'regular' hair colors that look like funky orange.

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