Do You Wash Your Hair Before A Hair Cut?


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Rena Chisholm answered
Most stylists prefer to cut hair that doesn't have hairspray, gel, mousse or other styling product in it, because they gum up their scissors and also makes it difficult to get a comb through the hair.
If the hair is long and tangled, that would be a problem.
If the hair is terribly oily, it is difficult to get a nice even cut because the scissors do not cut through the hair as well when there is a large amount of oil built up on the hair shaft.
Other than that, cutting it without washing is not a problem.
I usually wash my hair the day before cutting it, but it is perfectly fine to wash just before cutting. Most stylists are taught to wash the hair before cutting it.
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greg c answered
Of course I do! I have long hair so I only get a trim around the ears and neck once a month but I can't imagine going to my neighbor or a barber with dirty hair. Pretty disgusting thought.
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Yes. This is due to the fact that I have dandruff. I can't imagine going to the barber watching dandruff flakes descending on my lap ensuing each stroke of the clippers.
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Yes, You can get a better cut if you wash hair  before cutting .Because its  hard to get a good cut without washing especially if you have curly hairs.
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Yes actually you have to because when your hair is dry its not precisely in line straight but when it's wet it is and it's easier to cut
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Alexa Linares answered

I would wash it with an anti-dandruff shampoo a day before I go to the hair salon or barber. Then, in the morning I'd rinse my hair again with water to ensure that there are no dry flakes left.

It can be quite embarassing to have dandruff flakes wall off, while your hair is being cut. But then again, people with dandruff didn't ask for it. It's a conditiona that no one chooses.

I'm sure they'd understand, but we should still do ourt best to have dandruff free hair.

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Immediately before no. But I do wash within 12hrs before. Reason is I have curly hair, If you wet curly hair cut it, and let it dry it won't come out even. I wash my hair let it thoroughly dry, which takes hours, then I cut it myself (rare occasion I go in to get it done). I do my split ends with with one of the revo cutters( the thing off tv) it does seem to make a difference.
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I don't wash hair myself before a hair cut,beause they can help me to do this.I have a long hair,washing it is really a big project. Usually,I wash it every 3 or 4days,so I don't think it is too dirty to meet the barber.What is more,even if they want to laugh at me,they dare not say those words when I am there.As the prverb says,customer is God! They can not offend me at least.Last but not least,they don't know me!The chance that they realize me on streets and say"that people have a dirty hair"is too small.ha ha !
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If you have washed your hairs 3 to 4 hours before cut then they do not ask for it if from last 1 day then it is necessary..

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