Why Do Women Dye Their Hair?


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I think it's bullsh*t all the women in America feel as if they need to change themselves to feel pretty. Women should embrace their natural hair style and texture. It's less maintenance and the best look for the specific person- simply because it's what your born with. Duh!
There are several reasons why a woman dyes her hair. The most important being that when a woman greys she feels old and looks old, to avoid that many women dye their hair.

Also, today young girls are dyeing their hair because they want it in different colours, styles, want to have a new look.

Also, some girls and women do not like blond, black hair, so they want to change the hair colour according to their likes.

Women also like to highlight their hair so they colour it

Most important is greying hair and then for style.
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They colour their hair to suit their mood - sometimes to cover grey hair.
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Because their hair is fading or for fun

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