How do you get your hair blonder (without dying it)?


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There are three "natural" methods of lightening your hair without using hair dye.

I haven't tried either, but to be honest I can't imagine they would be super effective.

While they have the benefit of not requiring you to put any corrosive chemicals in your hair, I would be surprised if the effects are even, or manage to turn dark hair into blonde hair... the best you can expect is to go a couple of shades lighter.

How to make your hair blonde naturally

  • The first method is to use lemon juice
  • The second method is to use a mixture of honey and olive oil
  • The third is to use strongly-brewed chamomile tea

The procedure is pretty much the same with all three:

  1. Rinse your hair so it is wet
  2. Apply the natural ingredient of choice thoroughly (with the lemon juice/tea you may want to use a spray bottle)
  3. Sit outside and soak up the suns rays for as long as is safe (you don't want to get skin cancer for the sake of lighter hair).
  4. Wash the solution out and enjoy your mildly lighter hair tone.
My final point would be that most instructions come with images that look like this:

In reality, I would expect rubbing honey and olive oil into your hair to look more like this:

So maybe you should put some newspapers down or something?

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