Is Braiding The Hair Bad?


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For me it help my hair get stronger and thicker but if you want your hair to grow just get regular trims wash your hair with products that won't harm your hair and make sure to condition and moisturize your but don't go over board with it
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I braid my hair every night before bed, and sometimes even during the day.  If it's not super tight it won't hurt it.  It actually helps it.  My hair is always soft and shiny, even in the winter (:
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Who told you... well according to my knowledge and experience braiding helps it to grow faster and protect it from damage. But sure leave waves.
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Well braiding isn't exactly bad for the hair, but if you do it all the time could lead to traction alopecia. Which is basically from the tugging and pulling of the hair. So if you braid your hair every once in awhile then I wouldn't worry about it, but if you braid your hair all they time then I'd think about it.

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