What Is An Upside-down Braid?


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An upside-down braid, contrary to its name, is an elegant hair style. As with all braids, it works best on long hair that is somewhat thick. Also, it is not terribly easy to style your own hair in an upside-down braid, unless you practice lots or have eight arms!

An upside-down braid is just like a regular braid except the braid starts at the bottom of the head, rather than the top.

Beginning at the bottom of the head, the stylist separates the hair into three even sections. Then she tightly pulls one of the outside sections over the middle section so that it ends up in the middle. Next, she pulls the opposite outside section to the middle. She continues this process, gathering more hair into the sections as she goes. The braid ends at the top of the head and can be tucked in with a bobby pin.

The result is an upswept hairstyle that is elegant and versatile. It looks great with a nice pair of earrings and a top that shows off the neck.

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