What style do you wear your hair?


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Mountain Man answered

It's summer time, so every couple weeks I'll ask Mrs. MM to cut my hair with the clippers and the 1/4" attatchment.

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PJ Stein answered

I have long hair with long layers and long bangs. Because where I live is hot and humid, it is usually up in bun.

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Ancient Hippy answered

I have a buzz cut.

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hey cameron answered

You can see it in my avatar. Lately I've been having it very short on the sides and longer on top (often with pomade. I like it this way :)

Firstname Refreshme lastname Profile

Long with slight waves almost touching my butt. Pinned back, pony tails, braids,buns especially in this heat. Prone to frizz in humid weather so I use a touch of coconut oil on the ends on those days. Sometimes when I'm feel like something special I give it a spiral curl.

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Darik Majoren answered

I tend to wear my hair shorter on the sides, and medium length on top. I have a natural wave to the top so I can brush through it wet, towel dry the top, then take a couple swipes through the top front, and it falls into place quite nicely.

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Lin Simone answered


Curl your hair
is an easy way for girls who want to get a voluminous hairstyle. If you want
look more feminine, try long malaysian curly hair bundles hairstyle. If you want to avoid damage caused by curling
your own hair, you can clip in some bundles of hair extensions. They can
perfectly blend with your natural hair.

Loose Wave

One of the most
popular hairstyles for African-American. To get loose waves, you must use an
iron. Divide your malaysian hair weave bundles from the middle part and make a side-swept hairstyle. Black girls in any age
can try loose wave.


One of the most
usual hairstyle among black girls. To try straight, you must make sure that
your good quality virgin human hair bundles is thick enough, because in the process of straighten, the role of
straightener is to soften your hair, so if your hair is too thin, the final
result will not be good.

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