I Have Permanent Hair Coloring And The Roots Are Getting Too Light, Can I Put A Non-permanent Hair Color Over It?


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rebecca simmons answered
I take it that you want to grow the dark color out of your hair, in which case dying it non permanent is a good idea! Just so long as it matches the color that is already in your hair! And be prepared for it to fade out again! It will eventually effect your natural hair color if you keep dying the roots darker even if it is non permanent! Hope this helps
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If you want to. It may not color below the roots, but should work fine! The only difference between the two is the amount of time the color holds to your hair, so you may get a faded looking section as your roots grow out and the temp color fades...3 tones fun! A root touch up product will save you money as it is a smaller quantity in the bottle.
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I don't see why not, but you realize that the non permanent one will just wash out, right? Good luck!!!

Love & Light, Gina

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