Should i cut my hair or keep it in a dome like i have it?


7 Answers

Moses Rocha Profile
Moses Rocha answered
Cut it its good to have a new hairstyle once in a while :)

check on google for some haircuts you may or may not like :)

Hope it helped Good Luck!.
Arun Kumar Profile
Arun Kumar answered

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Janey Profile
Janey answered
Have it cut and then re-styled like David Beckham's new look which is all the rage for guys over here in England.
Faye Curtiz Profile
Faye Curtiz answered
Its up to you. If you want to remain your hair style is okay but make it sure that you taken care of it. And if you want new hairstyle make it sure that its fit on your personality.
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
If you want a newhairstyle, go for it. How long is your hair? You can try a pixie if you are brave enough or a bob.

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