How Do I Determine The Ph Level In Shampoo?


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Go to a local drug store and purchase "Litmus" papers or sticks. Read the directions. When you apply a bit of shampoo, lotion or whatever you are testing, it will show up a certain color. There will be a color chart on the package that will show you what PH level the product is by the color it showed. You would be surprised to find out the acid level of some well known products. You must know that the PH "acid level" of hair is between 4.5 and 5.5. So a good level for shampoo would be around 6.5 to no more than 7.5. Anything higher will make your hair dry and brittle if you shampoo often. Say, more than twice a week. Also, strong shampoos will strip all the oil from your scalp and cause it to start producing more oil. You could end up with dry hair and an oily scalp. Hope this helps.
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There is a 1-800 number on the back of the shampoo bottle, call it and ask them what the pH is, they will tell you.
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I called the Garnier info line and they REFUSED to say what the ph balance of their shampoo was stating 'proprietary information'.  Haha what on earth do they think I was gonna do with that info other than know what was good for my hair!!!

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The ph should be on the bottle. If not, call the info number on the bottle or go to the official website and ask

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