I Want A New Hairstyle, Like Long Hair Underneath And Short Layers On Top, Where Can I Find Some Good Pictures?


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Ok, well its quite easy really, just put in your search engine "layers" or put "long hair on top, short underneath + layers" and then click on images and press go
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Hi I think yOu Shudd gO tO yOur HairDresserSz && Ask Them2ShOw yOu The lOok yOu Are After like ii Diid=D
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You can also look at a lot of hairdressing magazines in hairdressers salons. Most good salons have a few magazines in their shops. Why not go in and explain what sort of style you want and ask can you look through the magazines? You can say that you'll book an appointment when you've decided on the exact style that you want.

One of the stylists might be able to help you find what you want . There are quite a lot of hairdressing mags on sale in the shops so it might be worth your while having a look at those as well as glossy magazines.
I'd be inclined to go into a salon and ask the advice of the stylists and ask them where the best place is to look for specific pictures if you can't find anything that you like on the web.

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