What Causes The Hair To Curl?


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If the hair follicle is round shaped (which we can't tell with the naked eye) it would be straight... The more oval it is the curlier it is.
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  Hair curl is great hair style. I love
  to curl my hair on occasionally. Curl
  hair bring a different look on face and personality.This will increase our
  confident level and make one attractive .Curling irons are made of Teflon, tourmaline, titanium and
  metal, and each has merits and demerits. Before use you need to know the exact
  way to use the iron properly as  this will help you to make the
  wonderful curls. The barrel is made of a cylinder and
  reverse cone, and there is a brush with this and has double and triple
  barrels. To learn using curling iron you can watch you tube videos .

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Curling of the hair is a natural process that comes as a result of the changes experienced in the hair follicle or hair root. it's a mechanism that cannot be altered.
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Humidity e.g rain, etc

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