How Much Is It To Get Your Hair Stripped At A Hairdressers?


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My nan got her hair stripped and dyed hot pink for about £55 it was a really good job but I guess it kind of depends on what colour you're looking for and, like, how many colours you want in it,,,,, I'd say the extream colours cost a bit more : )
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Its just ive just recently been to hairdressers it wasnt my usual hairdressers and i normally have my hair dyed brown but fancied a change and wanted to go lighter and they didnt know what kinda product my last hairdressers used on my hair so they had a right carry on and now i think my hair is ginger now i was thinking about getting it stripped and dyed dark or blonde! What hairdressers did your nan get her hair done at?
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My step brother got his hair stripped and coloured in red and purple and that cost £60 and he had a fair amount of colour put in :)) so I'd go and ask my hairdresser because they might be able to give you a better estimate :))

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