My Hair Doesn't Hold Curl... Is There Anything I Can Do?


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Some hair holds curls much better than others and whether your hair holds curls or not can be due to the natural oil present in your hair, the length, the thickness and its natural style. There are many things you can do to help your hair hold curls and many experts have their very own winning methods.

You can curl your hair using curling tongs or traditional rollers. One way to hold your curls is to mousse your hair before you curl it; this is especially effective when using traditional rollers. Simply collect a section of hair, mousse it with a good quality, strong hold mousse and roll. While it's in the roller, finish it off with a spray of strong hold hair spray and repeat until all areas you'd like to be curly are rolled. Leave them for as long as you possibly can and then unroll gently. Make sure you finish off with a generous spray of hair spray when all rollers are out.

Dry hair can really help your curls hold, and this method really helps very straight hair stay in a curly form. Make sure your hair is completely bone dry and then gradually roll in hot rollers. Once the rollers are all fixed in, make sure you leave them in overnight. In the morning, release all of your curls and spray with hair spray.

Squeaky clean and dry hair can really help hold your curls and to make it at its driest, make sure you use no conditioner when you wash your hair. Then, let it dry naturally without blow drying or handling it too much as this contributes to oils being released. Tightly curl the hair with hot rollers or around curling tongs (leave for 30 seconds if using tongs) and then release. Only use small amounts of hair at a time.
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Have you tried using hair wax or super extra freeze hairspray I use Aussie products only in my hair and it does things I never thought I could do with my hair .... Oh yeah try starting with super freeze and then hot rollers....
Hope this works for you too! :)

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I just add a lot of hairspray and this mega hold gel that works really well with thick hair! I also put my hair into layers while I am curling it and it looks more fuller so it wont look like its falling out as fast!
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Well... I have the same problem but I just use a lot of hair spray. After your hair dries from washing it, blow dry it to get your natural curl and volume. Then spray it. When you are curling it spray each strand before and after. I hope this works for you :)
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Product, Product, Product.....I have the same problem and the only thing that will allow my hair to hold a curl is to put a lot of styling product on it ....ask your stylist what he or she would suggest for your hair type
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Do not use wax that will ruin your hair, anybody that does shouldnt.
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This is the best kind of flat iron the which has great power to raise the temperature up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. There are 30 different kinds of the temperature setting in this flat iron and the lowest temperature setting is 300 degree. The lower setting is best for the thick and thin locks as they leave no damage to the hair.

To reach the target temperature this Revlon Perfect will not take a long time. Within 30 seconds this will rise to its top level of temperature which is a good benefit. There is no digital display of showing the temperature. Instead, this has some locks which you can set to get the desired temperature.

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Hair curls better if it's greasy. Add hairspray and it just looks glossy. And the curls wont drop out or go frizzy (Y) (:
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Sounds like a health-related issue to me!!!!Make sure you get some type of protein at least 2 times a day; good protein; an egg, some cheese, yogurt, IS protein and if it's lacking in your diet your hair and skin will be the first to suffer for it...all the products in the world will NOT help your hair staying in curl if you don't start with your EATING HABITS first.Granted that's not what you wanted to hear, but I'm a retired hairdresser and have seen this problem for years with people...
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There are certain products on the market abalone now to help with this. You can also try using a gel or moose when you blow dry your hair

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