Is It Possible To Permanently Curl Your Hair?


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You can get a perm however it does cost quite a bit depending on where you get it done. Also some hair types do not do good with perms. I got one when I was a lot younger and it only lasted like two weeks. My best friend now gets them and they last her almost six months. Ask you hair dresser before getting it done. Check into several places too before paying too much for it. Also remember that you are going to have to use special shampoo and conditioning cream in order to keep your hair hydrated.
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You can get a perm. Coming from the word permanently. This is expensive and every month or so, you will need to get it done.
One more thing, I wouldn't recommend it as my grandmother got it done when she was in her 20's and her hair is really thin and light and disgusting now. Also it damages your hair.
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You could get a perm, but if your hair is naturally straight you don't need to.
Perms damage your hair more than a curling iron itself because it uses lots of heat and chemicals.
Plus, it also depends on your hair type.
But once you get a perm, your hair will never be the same as it was before.
So if it were me I would just stick with the curling iron or rollers.

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