What Is The Best Color Product For Grey Hair?


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I'm a hairstylist 21 years.
If you use a Henna, remember that you will not be able to perm or use other kinds of color on your hair as henna contains metallic dyes that stay in your hair.
Also, in my opinion, Henna's are very bright and fake looking (Think I Love Lucy, she used Henna), and they don't cover grey very well.

The base color for all other hair color is Gold. Grey hair has lost it's gold, therefore it loses all the other color as the gold is the 'glue' that the other color 'sticks' to. So you need to pick a color that is at least as dark as your natural color, and try to pick one that has gold in it. Stay away from anything that says "Ash" or has an A... And stay away from Beige or B. Ash = green tone which is opposite of gold. Beige = pink tone, which will not help at all.
Look on the box for the letter G or something like "Medium Golden Blonde". The lighter hair colors are not as good at covering grey.
At the same time, don't go more than one shade darker than your natural color or it will look really fake.
Most of the over the counter products will work pretty well for covering grey. I like preference by loreal. If you go to Sally's beauty supply, tell them what you're looking for and look in the Roux permanent or semi permanent colors. You will only need a 10 or 20 volume developer if you aren't going lighter and you're just looking to cover the grey.
Good luck!
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I've colored my hair with commercial hair dyes for years and it's done nothing but make is feel like straw. Now that I'm really going grey, I'm biting the bullet and just going to go grey. I've talked it over with my hairdresser and she agrees that the biggest problem is that commercial dyes penetrate the hair, the color really is permanent. So it can't actually be 'stripped' out of the hair. But Henna coats the hair and fades over time. By using Henna instead of the harsh dyes, I can grow my hair out and not actually change the color on the shaft while still covering the grey. By the time my hair has completely grown out all the commercially dyed parts, I can choose to let my henna color fade on its own, or keep up the color as long as I like!

By the way, I use Rainbow or Light Mountain henna brands, and they not only don't look brassy (the color is a luxurious chocolate brown), but they cover the grey really well plus deep condition the hairshaft.

I may just keep henna-ing 'till I'm an old granny! :)
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There are a number of products for greying hair. The best product so far is Henna which is totally natural and chemical free. I would suggest you to use the Henna by The Body Shop. It is available in various colors for very reasonable price.
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You are right that henna is a very good product for brown hair.You can also use color spray for your hair.

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