How Do I Style My New Sling Bob Cut? I Am Having The Worst Time.


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Mouse or Nette answered
I have the same problem with my hair.. Just enough curl to make things difficult.  I know this sounds over simple But it took me years to figure this out.. LOL let it BE.. Wash it.. And let it dry naturally.. Don't touch it in any way.. No comb no brush.. Maybe just a little bit of finger scrunching.  Usually this works best .. I like to call it the zen way of hair care.. Natural almost always wins out. 
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emma danish answered
You could use gel spray and wear it with a side parting and scrunch it to make it extra curly or you could use straighteners to make it completely straight and have a side parting you need to set aside some time and just experiment
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If you are looking to straighten it without chemicals, Remington makes a great hair straightener. You can use it on wet hair and it dries it at the same time.
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Cut it shorter on one side then push it back. I had the same problem but now it is fixed

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