Is There Any Help For Thinning Hair?


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Thinning hair is quite a common problem and it is something that is mainly associated with men although many women also suffer from it. Luckily there are several treatments available which may help and whilst the most common one is volumising shampoo, there are also many other treatments which may work for you.

For example, there are certain medications which may help. If you talk to your doctor they will be able to give you more information. One drug which some people use includes Minoxidil which is usually used to treat high blood pressure but it has been proven to encourage hair growth. However, it is mainly used on people who are fairly young and who have not yet gotten a lot of damage. As you get older the problem will be harder to treat so it is always worth having a talk with your doctor to see what might work better for you.
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I have seen a lot of TV Specials including news programs (ex. 20/20) talking about positive results for the Hairmax Laser Comb. They are a bit pricey, but you get up to a 20 week money back guarantee, so it at least seems like its worth a try. I found mine at and got a $10 Discount. Doesn't hurt to try!


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