Do you think acne is a turn-off?


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Josie Williams Profile
Josie Williams answered
It doesn't turn me off b/c I know it's a natural thing. I mean off course I don't want to touch it but to me in a way it makes those people look a little more mature and not having that baby face anymore (:
Shira Rossiter Profile
Shira Rossiter answered
It's kinda distracting when it looks like it needs picking, because I have to resist the urge to do it myself! Don't know if that makes me gross, whatever
Maddy Smith Profile
Maddy Smith answered
No , if you love someone it doesnt matter what they look like only who they are inside
kim johns Profile
kim johns answered
Nope !!  If you like them.But yes,if you don't like them.I hate acne on my face.I was prone with it.What made me more embarrassed was the redness caused due to it.I then googled and found Clear skin max and it is really great that it works for me.I think if one hates acne, one should refer it once.


Olivia juniper Profile
Olivia juniper answered
I myself do not have acne but when I see teenagers with it it's natural. BUT when it is someone a little older it is due to usually it tones down by then.
alexia smith Profile
alexia smith answered
Only if your past your teenage years. If your a teenager with acne it looks really nice for some reason.
i love cod Profile
i love cod answered
Not if it bad... But if there's a lot and has the little white stuff on it then YESS.  EEECCKK
bridie devlin Profile
bridie devlin answered
When you sleep you produce oils and sweat, these can clog up the skin.  Durning the day you are out and about you sweat, and you pick up all the dirt and fumes of the day that are flying around it lands on your clothes and face. And clogs your skin . Now heres' how to get rid of you acne first thing in morning, wash your face with good old fashion soap and water.  Then at lunch time wash your face again.    Again wash your face evening teatime  then before you go to bed each night.    So remember Soap and water 4 times a day
jordan martel Profile
jordan martel answered
Not really too much that it covers your face yes but no it dosent really do any thing to the personality and thats the important thing
Steve Williams Profile
Steve Williams answered
If its loads then ye it could be...from your dp you look really pretty, you shouldnt have any problems gettin a bf =)
Jasmine Haha Profile
Jasmine Haha answered
Well it's normal but if there's a bunch all over the face and neck, and it looks like they are abot to burst !!! Then yes, total turn off !! Hahaha

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