Is there an acne treatment that can get rid of some acne/pimples in a week?


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They said pro-active works. Pro-active shows results within 1-2 weeks for my friends. I never have pimples even when I was a teen. Just keep on washing your face with water and use a high quality moisturizing soap. Works like a charm for my little brothers and sisters. They have pimples because they're lazy to wash their faces in the morning and at night. Plus, they love touching and fiddling with their faces with dirty bacterial hands. That's where it all starts. It's not sweat, it's your dirty hands touching your pores on your face. Good luck though.
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Lol my siblings r lazy too, but i wash my face twice a day and i dont touch my face a lot either. Washing my face (with cetaphil or dove soap) has never worked for me, but i might try proactiv, but ive heard it can make your face dry and your acne can get worse. Anyway thx for the advice and loved the stoey about your lazy siblings and their "dirty bacterial hands"! Lol
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Oops thats suppose to be story
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Try spaghetti sauce or tomato paste. (don't laugh).I know this works on  zits,boils,and rashes but have'nt tried on acne.Take a 4x4 bandage,coat liberally with paste and apply for 12-16 hrs.The bandage should have adhesive on 4 sides. It works because of the lycopene and strong poulticing effect.(It wont draw the zits to a head just removes infection through the skin).. Good luck and let me know results.
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Lol :D...jk
Thx for the treatment but it turns out my acne has gotten better, only little bumps that r pretty much the same color as my skin. But i might try ur tip in the future
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Put toothpaste on acne spots over night , keeps it looking flawless. Xxx
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There are a few different options that can work. Like others said, Proactive is ok. There is a book called acne free in 3 days that is about changing your diet and detoxing. Supposed to work well if you want rid if acne quickly.
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I saw some reading material being advertised in some social sites. It is supposedly a guide featuring a natural and holistic way  that will teach you how to permanently cure acne in as little as 7 days, get rid of acne scars, and eliminate oily skin. I recommended this to my sister living abroad, but I don't know whether she already bought it. You might want to take a look at it yourself. Here's the link if you're interested.

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Depending on the severity of the acne, a time frame of a week might be  tight, but usually you can get good results within a week or two. The following home remedy is one that I used very successfully for my kids.It is easy to do,and very little cost or trouble:

Simmer a medium in a half cup of honey 'til the onion is soft. Then  mash it into a smooth paste.Let it cool, then apply to the acne spots.Leave it on for at least an hour, then wash off with warm water Repeat each evening.

I know from experience this works. I hope it is helpful for you. For a great source of skin care and acne cure  and prevention information, my favorite source for answers is accessed thru  Feel free to check it out.

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There are plenty of doctor-approved acne treatments that are available through which you can remove acne and pimples from your face instantly.

Treatments to remove acne and pimples:-

1. Salicylic Acid:- Take facial spa of salicylic acid. This is the best and effective treatment to remove acne and pimples from your face.

2. Tea Tree Oil:- Tea tree oil basically decreases the growth of bacteria which causes pimples on your face.

3. Clay Masks:- It is one of the cheapest options to remove to remove pimples. It draws out impurities such as dirt, oil from your face.

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Sept 14-2011 @ 12:34 am PDT

Please check the answer I just gave on the question, "What's a good acne face wash for oily sensitive skin?"
It includes the products we found for our daughter's acne, ('Beyond Belief ABH'), a link to Sally's where you can purchase these items, pics, and her daily regimen. It's far less expensive than ProActive, and works (I've heard) with far more stunning results.

The people I've recommended this line to, (over at MakeUp Alley), had all tried ProActive, with lousy results. I can't tell you how many people wrote with thanks for the recommendation. They, too, got the 'clear-skin' they were looking for using the 'ABH'.

p.s. My daughter's skin started clearing-up in two days; within one week, her acne was gone and has stayed that way for two years now.

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