How to get rid of acne scabs fast?


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I had problems with acne on the upper back until I was 30 and found a solution. Here are some suggestions:

Get yourself a product including Salicylic acid. This costs like 10€ in a pharmacy and will last you some time. Personally I apply this while showering on my upper back but you could also use it similiar to a face wash, depending in your problem zone.

Then get you a prescribtion for a product including Zinc acetate as a topical. (at least you need a prescribtion for this in Europe). You could add zinc as a supplement (pills).

If this is not working (and I promise it will). You would have to go for harder stuff like retinol creme.

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Home remedies helps to get rid of acne scabs fastly. Apply this remedy on daily basis.
Honey is used for different kinds of skin problems including eczema scars. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of honey can reduce the eczema scars to a great extent. You can apply honey directly onto the affected skin area after washing the area properly. Else you can make a scrub of honey and crystallized sugar to scrub the affected area gently for a few minutes. Finally rinse the excess honey from the skin with cold water. Repeat this remedy daily until the scar is healed completely.Here you came to know that How to get rid of pimples? There are also various home remedies for acne to get rid of pimples or acne instantly.

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I have had no help whatsoever with scabs. Whatever you do, do not put toothpaste on them, it will irritate your face really bad. You can put alcohol on to dry it out or peroxide, then put antibiodics on it, but just on the scab otherwise it will make the rest of your face oily, and I also heard that you can boil a pot of salty water and put your face right above it so you can steam your face, until your face is all wet.ummm.. And you can wash your face with a tablespoon of salt.
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I think that you will always have acne sabs as they are sort of scars and I would know this as my mother has had this previously when she was around 26-27 and she is not 35 and still has the scars and scabs maybe if you go to the doctors and ask them they might have a solution and I think you should just continious ly use cream and moisturiser on the scabs ,,,, but whatever you do ,, DO NOT PICK THEM !!!
My mum did and they have scarred
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Heard about dermabration or lunch time pealing , but it wont help against pimples , but certainly help against dark marks and rashes , use a good anti acne cream

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