How To Get Ride Of Acne?


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If you are one of the several that experience from harsh acne, which possibly covers your face and back. It is cautious to consult a professional. He/she will be able to give you the complete best suggestion regarding your particular skin. Since we all have a skin type, it is necessary to know how to go about treating it and additionally how to stop acne from returning. Probably one of the most general mistakes when it comes to blemishes and skin complaint is over-doing it. Far too many acne victims are refining their delicate mugs quite a few times a day with unkind products.

This can only aggravate the condition at hand. In reality you should be refining your face no more than three times each day. And that is only if you have oily skin. Normally a relevant cream or gel should be applied after refining in order to treat the acne breakouts.

If your answer is a big fat no, then do not worry one small piece. You are surely not the first to be inexperienced when it comes to zits and their origins. The truth of the stuff is that 80 percent of the human race is loaded by this horrible skin disorder, however many do not treat it accurately.
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No matter what everyone tell you do not believe those that promise to show you how to get rid of acne overnight or even in a few hours. It takes a lot of time to cure your skin disorders of this kind and this is the truth. If you are talking with someone which claims that this is just a matter of days or even worse - hours, then he is probably trying to sell you something. Anyway, there are plenty of alternative and holistic methods that work great again zits and pimples like this. All that is required is that you folks keep thinking outside the box and avoid all those well branded products. (Just a tip)

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Acne is a problem that is quite common among teenagers and to get rid of this problem, you will have to get rid of the reasons that create it. The first reason of acne is the dandruff; the dandruff falls on your face and causes acne. What you can do is to use an anti dandruff shampoo quite regularly that is twice a week. You can also follow some other cleanliness habit.

The next thing you can do is to stop oily food as, it is oil that causes acne. If you stop eating oily food and start taking healthy food that includes fruit and green vegetables, you will be able to get rid of it.
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I read something about how do get better skin. Do at least 20 min. Of cardio once a week. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Eat fish once a week. Wash your face before bed (it said to use some kind of cream but if you have really fair skin like me than try using toothpaste instead) and try not to stress as much.
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I have the same problem but if you drink around 8 full glasses of water a day, and also have the right diet and don't eat too many fatty or sugary foods then your skin will keep clear. Try not to cake on heavy creams and if you sweat then wash your face and change clothes. Hope this helps.
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Drink lots of water avoiding many greasy foods and carbonated beverages. Use mild soaps such as white ivory soap on your face. Keep on face until completely dry and then wash it off with COLD water b/c hot water stops up the pores. Use witch hazel on skin, and do this 2-3 times a day. If your skin isn't sensitive then use rubbing alcohol, but if it is use witch hazel. Asslo, you can use black soap on your face. Go to walmart and ask for some black soap to put on face. That works because it contains vitamin e which is good for the skin and helps reduce scars. Try to eat lots of bake and steamed foods and seldom eat fry foods. All of this worked for me, but your diet is very important. Good luck.
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Following are the list of food you should have

High Fiber Foods:

  •  Broccoli
  •  Carrots
  •  Brussels sprouts
  •  Oranges
  •  Dried figs
  •  Artichoke
  •  Banana
  •  Pears
  •  Apples
  •  Almonds
  •  Brown rice
  •  Oatmeal
  •  Whole wheat bread

Foods Rich in Omega 3:

  •  Walnuts
  •  Fish (particularly salmon)
  •  Soybean
  •  Flax seeds
  •  Tofu

Foods Rich in Anti-Oxidants:

  •  Watermelon
  •  Tomatoes
  •  Pink grapefruit

Everybody, irrespective of gender, class, race and age, gets troubled with acne at some or the other time in their lives.

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I had problems with acne on the upper back until I was 30 and found a solution. Here are some suggestions:

Get yourself a product including Salicylic acid. This costs like 10€ in a pharmacy and will last you some time. Personally I apply this while showering on my upper back but you could also use it similiar to a face wash, depending in your problem zone.

Then get you a prescribtion for a product including Zinc acetate as a topical. (at least you need a prescribtion for this in Europe). You could add zinc as a supplement (pills).

If this is not working (and I promise it will). You would have to go for harder stuff like retinol creme.

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Consider using homemade skin care products made with mild and gentle, natural, ingredients.  Ingredients such as;  aloe vera juice. Shea butter, flaxseed, green tea, goat milk and more all help to either prevent, fade, reduce or eliminate acne or acne scars.

Natural goat milk soap can contain any of the ingredients mentioned above.  This handcrafted natural soap has helped a lot of acne sufferers.  It comes in either bar or liquid form and available with or without scents.  This natural soap keeps skin close to its natural pH level. 

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If you have a "serious" acne problem I would suggest seeing a licensed dermatologist.

If you have mild to moderate acne you may consider using natural goat milk soaps.  These soaps are handcrafted with acne fighting, natural, ingredients.  You can find aloe vera juice, shea butter, emu oil, green tea, flaxseed, goat milk and many other acne combatting ingredients in these natural soaps.  They come in bar and liquid forms.  They come in a variety of mild and gentle, natural, scents and unscented too.

Most commercial soaps contain harsh ingredients which can, actually, contribute to the cause of acne.  Oil production is often the skin's natural protective reaction against these harsh ingredients. You will not have this problem with mild and gentle, natural, goat milk soaps. These soaps are thoroughly cleansing, conditioning and naturally acne fighting.

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There are lots of ways that can be used to get rid of acne. You can use different acne treatments like use fresh vegetables and avoid using cereals and food that contain fats. Besides that there are lots of acne creams available in market so you can try those as well.
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