What Is The Best Chapstick Or Lip Balm?


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Burt's bees beeswax is the best chap stick there is.
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Another good one is the Neutrogena lip balm -- that works for me in the cold or very hot weather when my lips get chapped so badly.  As with any other lip balm, you have to keep it on hand, and every time you feel your lips getting anywhere near that too dry feeling, you have to re-apply it.
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I use Lip Medex from Blistex. When you apply it, it stings a bit and for some reason it leaves me thinking that it's doing something. I normally use that during the day, but before bet I use Vaseline. The feel of it is frighteningly oily so it feels very moisturized.
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Carmex! Hands down there is no equal!
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Thin coat of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly applied before bedtime, or earlier if you are done eating for the day. The longer it stays on the better. If it is cold where you are, try putting a scarf over your face to keep the wind/cold from drying the skin out.
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My favorite is Chapstick Medicated. It makes your lips super soft and heals any damage on your lips. Use it in the morning, after showering, before you go outside and after meals. I also recommend slathering on Vaseline before you go to bed. You'll wake up with super soft lips. After I wake up I usually pluck the dry skin off of my lips with tweezers and slather on my Chapstick. Unfortunately, the colder climate you live in the worse chapped lips are. Also, remember to drink your fluids and not soda either. Water, water water...
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What I do is I lightly exfoliate my lips once a week with plain sugar (its better for your lips than your body! Lol) and I generously apply vaseline before I go to bed if its winter. Then I use Purple Prairie's Sun Stuff lip balm with spf 30. It is really good for sun protection and moisture. When the sun has gone down I switch back to vaseline or a regular organic natural lip balm.
This would probably work for you.
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Drink more liquids and I use the smoothie ones chap sticks, something with a flavor so that it isn't unpleasant to have on your lips all the time. Hope this helps.
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The best lip balm I've found is natural and handcrafted.  These lip balms are not found in department or discount stores.  They come in mild and gentle, unique, natural, flavors. Personally, I love them!

Source:  Www.natural-goat-milk-soap.com/homemade-lip-balm.html

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