Why Is It Important To Perform A Skin Assessment Of Persons With Dark Skin Under Indirect Sunlight?


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Dark skin is usually believed to have a higher melanin concentration than white skin this means that dark skin shows a different response to certain forms of skin assessment like light finger blanching or pressure that is applied during the actual skin testing itself. Darker skin is taken into account when the skin is assessed for any changes and is the result is generally related to their overall skin assessment and evaluation.

However, with regards to testing the skin under indirect light, this process should be employed on any type of skin, not just dark skin. Testing the skin away from direct sunlight is vital to taking an accurate assessment of the skin.  This is because sunlight tends to increase the melanin activity and the effects that this has on the activity of the sweat glands can also effect the overall evaluation.

The purpose of the skin assessment is to evaluate and test the skin for any signs of skin cancer, or similarly to test the skin for any changes in its pallor, and to investigate the skin for any signs of illnesses such as cyanosis and jaundice.  It is very important to regularly check your skin for any changes.

Skin cancer and other skin related diseases have been on the rise in recent years, and it is believed that this is related to more sun exposure and the lack of UV protection. To protect your skin from being exposed to such harmful rays, it would be advisable to always use some form of skin protection when subjecting your skin to sun exposure. Sun lotion with an SPF of at least 15 is highly recommended. This should be applied at regular intervals if exposing your skin to the sun for prolonged intervals.
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It is not only important for a dark skin but skin assessment for all types of skin can give more accurate results under indirect sunlight. Skin assessment is done to investigate about different diseases like skin cancer, pallor, cyanosis and jaundice.  Melanin pigment of dark people is higher than other skin people, so there can be differences in  response to light finger blanching during skin assessment. This can be possible importance of skin assessment under indirect sunlight for dark skin.
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Why is it important to perform a skin assessment under indirect sunlight of person with dark skin?  This is for a diversity assignment? Can you explain in a paragraph?

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