My Ears Stick Out And It Is Really Embarrassing. Is There Anything That I Can Do?


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Having ears which stick out can be embarrassing for money people, but there are only two real options for dealing with the problem:

  • Concealing them
  • Undergoing cosmetic surgery
What to do about ears that stick out

The simplest way to deal with ears that stick out is to grow your hair to cover your ears.

This may be a better option for girls than it is for guys, although there are plenty of guys who still look great with long hair.

Your second option would be to go down the plastic surgery route. This option is certainly more effective, but comes with health risks and a large medical bill at the end.

A lot of people on the internet recommend using superglue to pin ears down. I would not suggest using that method, as superglue is not meant to be used on human skin. There is a good chance that trying this method out will give you further unwanted health problems to add to your worries.

My ears stick out: What should I do?
The surgical procedure used for the correction of ears that are protruding is termed as otoplasty.

Pinnaplasty is also used to denote the same. The cartilage of the ears is remodelled to get a better shape. Once remodelled, stitches are used to pin back the ear.

Neo-natal ear moulding is done as an alternative to Pinnaplasty for babies who are below six months as the cartilage at this stage will be very soft and the remodelling will be an easier process.

Before you go about booking yourself in for surgery, I'd like to point out that having protruding ears does not pose any physical harm to your health, but undergoing major cosmetic surgery does.

In fact, the main distress caused by protruding ears is probably more associated with the psychological effects of bullying and teasing.

If bullying is something you are concerned about, I'd recommend addressing that issue before you think about having your ears restructured.
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It is possible to have corrective surgery done to pin back the ears. Many people have this done and it really improves their confidence. However it should be done as a last resort.

This is because surgery of any kind is not always the answer. Many times people change things about themselves yet they do not feel any better afterwards. So you need to make sure that it is something which you really want.

Generally there is no real age limit on this type of procedure and children have even had it done due to a severe lack of confidence. It is not really classed as cosmetic surgery if the ears are really sticking out and they are overly noticeable.

It would be a good idea to talk with your doctor to see if the procedure would be right for you. They will be able to explain everything about what happens during the procedure and the risks that are involved, if any.
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My ears stick out too. I know it's not nice. I have gotten away with it by when I put my hair up I wear a headband and put it over my ears so they don't stick out then I put a bit of hair over the band then tie the piece of hair into the ponytail. This way people don't notice the band. And if I wear my hair down I get a band roughly the same colour as my hair and put it over my ears.

Or you could have surgery but I went to have that done and I had to see some sort of counselor and talk me through it and they try to put you off. And it costs quite a lot of money.
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I created that problem after wearing my swim cap behind my ears, I simply fixed the problem by wearing it over my ears. The rubber swim caps can be pretty tough, so it might fold your ears down for you. Good luck :)

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My ears stick out too.. It's horrible, I find it soo hard too see all my friends with flat ears..

But I have realised everyone is different and that if everyone had flat ears the world would be a pretty boring place, and if you are getting bullied about it then just ignore them, they obviously have nothing better to do than criticise someone about that part of their body! When really they have a part of their body they are conscious about. So it's really not worth worrying about! I hope that helped.
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I used to use superglue, before I had surgery. That helped me a lot, but be careful because it can burn the skin if you use too much. Good luck. And I know how you feel.
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Put a small amount of superglue on the back of ear and push to back of head. This is what I do, haha.

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