Where Can I Find Curl Free Hair Relaxer Kit?


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Curl free hair relaxer kits should be readily available in beauty and health stores. If you are having trouble finding them, ask a member of staff who will either be able to locate them for you or advise you where else you may be able to look. If you are looking for kits online, there are a number of websites that sell curl free hair relaxer kits. Natural Hair care Oasis ( offer a safe, organic hair relaxer kit that is chemical free and suitable for all hair types. Hair product websites such as I Am Hair ( also offer a range of relaxer kits that can help make your hair curl free.

If you are applying a curl free hair relaxer kit at home it is good to make sure that you have all the equipment ready and know exactly what you’re doing. Doing it yourself, rather than at the hairdressers, can save you a lot of money but unless you follow the instructions carefully it can have unwanted results. Before using any kind of relaxer kit on your hair, make sure you carry out a strand test. A strand test will give you any warning if the product is not suitable for your hair before you apply it to your whole head. Have a towel, bowl, timer and wide tooth comb to hand before you begin. Mix the relaxer cream and liquid activator together and apply a layer of protective gel around your neck, forehead and ears. Then, apply the sachet of protective balm to the hair and clip it up into 4 sections. Apply the relaxer from the back and smooth it through the hair using your hands or the back of a comb. Leave for the recommended time and rinse out before using the provided shampoo and conditioner. Use the recommended moisturizers and conditioners and follow the instructions to finish relaxing your hair.
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I'm trying to find a store that sells Curl Free Hair Relaxer, a product made by Johnson & Johnson and which seems to have disappeared from the store shelves.

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