What Causes Patch Of Hair Loss In Young Women?


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Anna Phillips answered
While there are many possibilities, I suffered from this myself. One doctor thought that my testosterone levels were high (even females have a small amount) and another thought it might be my thyroid. A simple blood test showed it was my thyroid and medication is helping it to fill back in. Had it been my testosterone levels, there is little that can be done. Asking your physician to run a complete blood panel is probably the best place to start.
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Maria Robin answered
I agree with Alishia21 about depression being the cause of some hair loss. The hair loss should be a spot of total loss of hair, and the spot usually is shinny as in male pattern baldness. If this is the case the hair grows back as you work on getting well from your illness. I wish you well in your recovery whatever the illness is.
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Depression could be the result of hair loss in patches as well.
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A much more rare hair loss condition is complicated alopecia areata. It
can affect the entire scalp and body hair causing all-over baldness
which does not respond to known hair re-growth treatments. For those
afflicted with the complicated type and experience the entire loss of
scalp hair (alopecia totalis) a wig or other head covering is usually

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