How Does Hair Grow?


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A hair develops when a part of this skin goes down into the lower layer and Strikes roots there' Then it shoots upwards through the layers of the skin and comes out as a hair. In the roots of the hair there are four different layers of cells. They divide and multiply and push the shaft of the hair up through the skin. As they move farther away, the hair cells change into a horny material like that of our outer layer of skin.
On the outside surface of the hair, the cells become flattened out and lie on top of one another like shingles. Near the cells of the root there are big, round, fat cells from which come the materials to build the hair. By
the way, the hair root is sort of "screwed" into the tissue. It cannot be torn out. So when you pull out a hair, you do not pull out the root.
Your hair grows at the rate of about 12 millimetres a month. And the surprising thing is, it does not grow at the same speed at-all times. Hair grows very slowly at night, then speeds up in the morning, then slows up till late afternoon, then grows faster again!
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Hair is constantly growing.
Over periods of 1-7 years each individuals hair actively grows, stops, rests, and finally falls out.

It goes through 3 stages
which is usually remebered with the abbreviation ACT
A - Anagen - The growing phase - LASTS between 2 months to several of years.
C - Catagen - The resting phase - LASTS between 2 - 4 weeks.
T - Telogen - The final phase, a complete state of rest. - LASTS between 2 -3 months
Your hair can only be in one of these stages at a time.
At the end of the Telogen stage, your hair shreds and the cycle starts again. X
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Eat a well balance diet with a concentration on protein, trim hair often and handle hair with care.

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You can oil your hair daily,  it grow your hair fast.

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Hair is made at the base of a hair follicle. However, only about 80% of your follicles are producing hair at any one time. The rest of the follicles are asleep or dormant. But if you starting losing hair, you can use natural hair regrowth or hair loss treatment and supplements.

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It grows throw your bran
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Hair grows through three phases

1. Anagen 2. Catagen and 3.Telogen

is the growth phase. It lasts about 2 years. Catagen is the renual
phase and telogen is the dormant phase. Of you do nor take good care
tyou may lose your hair at any of the above phases.

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     At the base of our skin, there is a structure called follicle and it is here the hair are formed. The follicles are pouch like structures under our skin and at one time around 80% of these follicles are active. The hair that grows out of the follicle is actually a hard tissue made of a substance called keratin. The average growth rate of hair is around half an inch per month. As new cells are formed in the follicle, the older ones are pushed upward and they emerge form the follicle like a shaft.

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