Why Do We Get Grey Hair At Our Temples First?


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Hair gets its colour from the pigment called melanin. Melanin production starts when the baby is in the mother's womb. The colour of hair is very much dependent on the amount and type of melanin present to impart the colour and how well it is distributed.The type of melanin for red hair and brown hair are not the same. The amount of melanin present in blondes are quite a bit lesser than that of brunettes.

Basically there are two types of melain; eumelanin which is dark and phaeomelanin which is lighter. These are blended in different individuals to produce different colour effects. Of course, the type and distribution of melanin depends on genes and age. The cause of grey hair is the absence of melanin and total absence of melanin gives rise to hair colour that is white.

Although it is not true for all individuals that the hair at the temples would grey first. In many individuals, the graying starts at the top of the head first or the sides. However, in others, the hair does grey at the temples first. This is more often the case with men. This is because the pigment cells or melanocytes that are at located on the skin's surface and which are instrumental in colouring each of the hair follicles, cease to produce melanin. This phenomenon happens near the temples first for many individuals. Hence giving rise to grey hair first at the temples.
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Likely because hair is usually thinner at temples.  Also, taper cuts, bald fade, trauma to melanocytes, burnout melanocytes from production leading to deficiency.

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