Should I Make My Daughter Get A Haircut?


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I don't believe that anyone should be forced to have their hair shortened as hair length is a security blanket for some girls; they don't always want to give up their long locks. I don't think of my hair as a security blanket but it is waistlength; family members and friends want me to cut it but I choose not to right now and it is my choice. Forcing looks on your children causes bad memories, anxiety and embarrassment. Don't be mean
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Ask yourself if this is going to matter in a few years. Is your daughter going to remember that you made her get her hair cut when she didn't want to? Is she going to have a bad memory or hard feelings toward you when she is an adult because of this?
   My mother used to force me to have my hair cut very short when I was a child. It was quite devastating to me at that time and now, as an adult, the thought of having short hair bothers me.
  It has been my experience from raising four children and coming from a large family, that we remember the bad memories of childhood just as much or maybe even more than the good ones.
I tried not to make a big issue out of things that were not so important.
  Things like taking drugs, stealing, lying and such are big issues and should be dealt with. Once they become adults, they will understand that you had their best interests at heart because you loved them.
This may not be the answer you wanted, but it is the best I have to give.
Good luck to you.

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