Where Can I Find A Black Hair Stylist In Spokane WA?


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Hi I'm coming to check Spokane out for relocation...I am a hair stylist that cares for all types of hair textures. I plan to relocate in September 2009... I'm coming to visit in May 2009. I am African American and will be looking for a wonderful clientele!!! I have 15 years of experience... If all goes well hopefully we'll touch bases soon!!
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Hello. I just moved to the area and I was wondering about the same thing. I have asked around and few stylists work with African- American hair in the area. This is pretty frustrating and I am tired of walking around with my hair all over the place!
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You have got to be kidding me Debossman.  In what right do you have to be offended!!   The girl is simply looking for someone that can fix her hair up, thats all, no big deal.  Had nothing to do with you or your hair color, it's hair texture.  PLEASE pop that bubble you live in and come share the loving benefits of living in the real world. .  I don't mean you any harm but that comment  was truly unnecessary.  As a Caucasian your message was imbarrassing and offensive.   I hope this message will touch.  
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Try Mo's Salon. She is located downtown on indiana and division
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I did not know that there were hair stylists that would only work with Black hair, isn't that discrimination against Blondes, Redheads, or any other shade of hair color, I would take great offense if I were to be refused service because my hair was Grey.
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Perhaps I should have worded the question differently. Perhaps the question should have been "where can I find a hair stylist who can care for the hair of an African American woman?". I am new to the area and I need to find a hairstylist who can work with the hair of an African American. My intention was not to offend anyone. My intention was to find a hairstylist who can give me the hairstyle I need.
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Ah So, Sorry about that.

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