I Need Step-By-Step '50s Hair Styles. Can You Help?


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The 1950's was all about looking glamorous and sexy, and this certainly translated into the hairstyles at the time.  Here are some easy easy step-by-step guides to some of the most popular 1950's hairstyles.

Perhaps the easiest 1950's hairstyles is a long and wavy hair style, with a curl around the face and a peek-a-boo fringe.  Think Jessica Rabbit!

Here's how to create this '50s look for long hair:
  • Wash and condition your hair
  • Dry in the direction of the cuticle, that is from the top down to the ends - this will make your hair look shiny!
  • If you suffer from frizzy hair, put some serum on before blow-drying
  • Once completely dry, use tongs or hair straighteners to shape your hair.  Take a width of hair and create half a curl away from your face, then change direction, and create half a curl towards your face
  • Repeat this all the way round your hair and finish with some high-shine hair spray.

When you think of cute bangs and pony-tails from the fifties, most people would think of sugary-sweet Sandy from Grease.  This is a really easy style to create that is unmistakably fifties. It generally works best with a fringe, but without one, just use a nice wide Alice band.

  • Use a round barrelled brush to give your fringe a '50s look
  • Pull your hair into a high pony tail at the crown of your head making sure you smooth down any lumps and bumps with a nylon-bristled brush
  • To finish off, tie the pony tail with a ribbon that matches your clothes
  • Add a flick of black eyeliner to your top eyelid, and some bright red lipstick to make the look ultra-sexy

Lastly, the most popular 1950's hairstyle is the 'Pintuck Curl'.  This might look difficult to do initially, but take some time to master it and you'll find it really easy and quick to do.  I have found a video that shows this step-by-step as it is easier than explaining.

How to create the 1950's pin curl look. Before you start you will need:
  • Hair grips the same colour as your hair
  • A nylon-bristled hair brush
  • Some hair spray

Have fun practicing!

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