Which Do You Prefer, Beard, Goatee, Or Mustache?


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Linda Fitzgerald Profile
I don't mind a moustache if it's trimmed but not on a guy who's kissing makes me think of having my face eaten and being drowned in drool. I'm picky that way. Goatees and beard, just plain bad for your perfect skin and remind me a lot of rug burn. I hope you don't mind my sense of humour. Good luck with the guy you're not chasing! Tiger
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Depends on the guy what looks hot on one may not look so hot on another.....
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I've had all three in my life, and am back to a full beard now.Second preference is a mustache; I had a handlebar when I was a cabbie and it helped me get tips. Goatees are too often a compromise for men who would rather have a full beard, but for those men who truly want a goat, go for it.
James Kuykendall Profile
A mustache jim123
Michael Regenauer Profile
For years I had a full beard and mustache but the doctor made me shave the beard so the
bi pap mask would seal on my face. Now all that's left is a mustache.
joyce Profile
joyce answered
I hate Goatee's. I think they look ugly. Mustache's tickle when you kiss them. So I think I'll go with the beard.
mai Vang Profile
mai Vang answered
Um.... Neither LOL... Sorry its a different way of tickle if you know what I mean *winks* LMAO
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martha answered
My late husband  had a nicely trimmed full beard and mustache and he looked fabulous to me!  But it would depend on the man, I  am sure.
Jim Witness Protection Profile
For 30 years I had a full beard. It started to turn too gray, which didn't look too cool with brown head of hair. Sort of looked like 2 tone 57 Chevy or something. So, off went the beard and left the stache and the goatee. So, now instead of looking like wild biker or something, I look like distinguished middle aged gentleman!
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Alan commented
I thought you were gonna say from Wild Biker to Wiild Bill Hicock. Lol
Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
Good pick-up, Alan. Or maybe Buffalo Bill Cody. I can just picture him in my mind. :)
pugs pugsley
pugs pugsley commented
just shave your face
Nathan Corrie Profile
Nathan Corrie answered
The only facial hair I sport these days is a modest pair of sideboards (sideburns).   In my twenties, I grew a full beard and moustache which I kept for about 10 years, then I lost the beard but kept the "tache" for another 5 years.

I never had a goatee, even when they were popular, as I think they just look stupid.
Lynne Dwyer Profile
Lynne Dwyer answered
Doesn't matter to me, as long has he keeps it clean. I know a bunch of men that can find last weeks dinner in their beard. Ewwwwwwww
greg c Profile
greg c answered
A goatee doesn't do much for me. It tends to give one an aggressive type of look. I've had a beard and mustache since I graduated from my rehab in 94. It was Salvation Army men's and they had a pretty strict grooming code. Matter of fact I haven't had a haircut since then either. But I keep the facial hair neatly trimmed, close to the face, so it doesn't look all scraggly. Kinda fills out my long face.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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Pretty cool there. How does your wife like it?
greg c
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She would do a little complaining in the beginning but over the years she's come to be used to it.
Steven Vakula Profile
Steven Vakula answered
Since I sport a Goatee I would have to agree with that as #1. The Mustache is #2 and the beard #3. I really don't like the full beard! I have had it before and I guess if it were a cold climate it would help but it is too hot!
Janet Simmons Profile
Janet Simmons answered
I'm not in to facial hair myself...and I'm not familiar with the lingo....I don't really care for the full beards...but I do find the beard / mustache  attractive on men.  It's not a full beard...there's no sideburns....you know...over and around the lips and covering the chin area.
John Profile
John answered
I have worn a full bear-d  and mustache for almost 20 years. It started out to help protect my face from welding rays(flash burn) and now I wear it because it covers my double chin and helps keep my fat head warm....I became use to a lot of heat over the years and even wear full sweats and a jacket in 90 degree temperatures....I guess you could call me heat miser(look it up)..
Shirley McLean Profile
Shirley McLean answered
I LOOOOVE beards and mustaches.  Don't like goatees.  I really love beards and mustaches if they are also accompanied by long hair.
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Jim Witness Protection
You would have loved what I looked like before I shaved the beard off - put Grizzly Adams to shame. Still, the stash is pretty thick and long and the goatee is just a smaller version of beard. I loved the beard but couldn't deal with the vanity of Just For Men stuff.LOL.
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Hello Boss answered
I too like my women beardless, but a nice thin, silky mustache is kind of sexy. No goatees on them, though. ROTFLOL
Megan Nugent Profile
Megan Nugent answered
I prefer a thin mustache and a little thin goatee that looks so good together, Its hot. I hate when they are extremely bushy or too long where they can braid them, Thats nasty, I don't like that much face hair just something thin and simple, Makes them look so grown up, I hate it when they shave cause they look baby faced, Ewww.
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I wish my husband could grow a full beard. When we were first dating, he had a nice moustache and he kept it trimmed so he never looked scraggled. I tried to get him to grow a full beard a few years ago so he went two weeks without shaving. Oh, I felt so bad for him when he finally came home from work one night complaining about the hair itching. I had to settle for a moustache, but he has been clean shaved since that beard growing attempt.
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I would probably like a curled mustache like Hook I think it looks really cool but if I did do that I probably wouldn't be able to go outside without the paparazzi following me.
Omer Butt Profile
Omer Butt answered
If I need to choose one to save my life, A very very lite Goatee with finely cut hair would be my choice.
I am still clean shave and might stay like that until and unless I am forced in keeping hairs on my face-lol! (Goatee might be exception if it becomes too trendy and help me in some way-he he he!)
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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I need a picture of you dear, I want to draw a mustache and goatee on it. Lol Just to see how you look. Love ya. ^_^
Alan Profile
Alan answered
I have had a full beard since I was 15 except for a short 6 month period. When on holiday in Australia, where a goat'e is part of the national dress for Ausi men and even some Ausi women. Lol Sorry to any Shela's out there. ( just kidding Honest ).
I tried a goat'e. I liked it but you still have to shave a lot, so went back to the full beard.
I would love one of those type of septum? Is it. Where they can grow a mustache like Ed Flanders or Ali G. As Borat..
My wife would never let me shave mine off.
So has to be 1.beard, 2. Goat'e and 3. Mustache.
Amy Vu Profile
Amy Vu answered
I'm not looking for these men lol but I can tolerate a mustache too lol
Darik Majoren Profile
Darik Majoren answered

I think most FULLY bearded people I see almost take this as an excuse to be lazy with facial hair . . . I like either a well kept beard or a well kept Goatee. I find the goatee to be easier to keep looking clean since you are always already shaving back to a point . . . It makes the wearer very aware when it starts looking shabby . . . .

An un-kept beard is just attractive as looking at that person's pubic region . . . NOT ATTRACTIVE.

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Goatee for sure!  I think men look really hot with a goatee. I also like a little stubble. The unshaven look.   Mustache is too guido- 70's for my  taste.

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